Values Matter

MDCPS Values Matter Website

Throughout the year at Miami Central Senior High School we will make Values Matter! You will be challenged to become a positive influence in our school. This year we will all work together to create and maintain a positive and safe environment in our school. These values are important to living a good life, being a model student, and having a positive impact on others. Above all, we will be emphasizing and celebrating positive behavior. You have the power to make good choices, demonstrate positive behaviors, and make values matter.

We hope that you find these activities engaging and fun such that our student’s will continue to demonstrate all the Values throughout the year.
Should you have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Thompson.


Week of March 1 – 4 - What is Cooperation?

Activity 1: What is Cooperation?

Step 1: Ask student’s if they know what Cooperation is. Define Cooperation for students.
Step 2: Show Value’s Matter Video on Cooperation from the Value’s Matter Website
Step 3: Engage students with discussion questions about Cooperation
Example Discussion Questions:
• What are some examples of Cooperation in school? In your Community? In your Family?
• How can you cooperate with others?

Activity 2: Let’s Write about Cooperation
Have your students write an Acrostic Poem about Cooperation and submit it to Ms. Young via email or place in her mailbox no later than March 5. Top Poems will be displayed around the school.
(Acrostic Poem is where the first letter of each line spells out the word Cooperation)

Activity 3: Watch Us Cooperate!
Submit Photos or Videos of Students Cooperating at Miami Central to our Twitter Page! @RocketsCentral. You may also submit photos/video to Ms. Young to be posted on your behalf. Photos will continue throughout the month of March.

Week of March 3 – 11 - Miami Central Can Cooperate!

Activity 1: Door Decorating Contest
School-wide door decorating contest with focus on “Cooperation at Miami Central.” Students are to decorate your door with images and phrases that promote cooperation! When your door entry is ready please email Ms. Young your room number no later than March 15!

Activity 2: Poster Contest
School-wide poster contest with focus on “Cooperation at Miami Central.” Students are to create posters with images and phrases that promote cooperation! Color is optional, but recommended. Completed posters should be submitted to Ms. Young so they may be placed on display no later than March 15.

Week of March 14 – 18 - Operation: Co-Op Cleanup

Activity 1: Operation: Co-Op Cleanup
Students will be encouraged to cooperate with each other in keeping our school clean and free of trash. Teachers and Staff, remind students to pick up litter and trash and place them in the designated trash bins. Also, encourage them to recycle when possible. Let’s Cooperate and make Miami Central a Beautiful Trash Free Campus!

Activity 2: Cooperation Squad
Selected Honor Students wearing Art Honor Society shirts will be looking for students who are taking the initiative and keeping Miami Central clean. Students who are seen cleaning will be rewarded with an incentive slip that can be submitted to one teacher for extra credit or something equivalent as decided by the teacher. Teachers are to collect the slips and submit them to Ms. Young in her mailbox no later than March 29.

Week of March 28 – 31 - We Can Cooperate!

Activity 1: Let’s Wrap it Up!
Photos of Students, Administrators, and Staff showcasing Cooperation will be promoted on the school website in our Photo Gallery. We will photograph poems, posters, and door entries and place these on the school website as well! Let’s show that Miami Central knows how to Cooperate!






The month of October is recognized as having some pretty awesome events and activities that will take place, i.e.; Breast Cancer Awareness, National Bullying Prevention and Red Ribbon Week taking place October 23 – 31 along with the MDCPS’s initiative on Value Matters. Please note, these are great opportunities for you to engage students in activities that highlight responsible choices.

Week 1 October 5 – 9

Step 1. Highlight and define RESPONSIBILITY for students
Step 2. Show Value Matters Responsibility video located at MDCPS Values Matter Website. Click the word Responsibility listed under the Secondary box.
Please notice the Student of the Month link for Responsibility for you to nominate a student who demonstrated the value of Responsibility at the end of October.
Step 3. Engage students with discussion questions, see attached list of discussion questions that you may select from.
Step 4. Have students make a poem using the letters of the word RESPONSIBILITY. Submit class nominated poems to Ms. Moorer via email or mailbox no later than 12 noon Thursday, October 8th.

Week 2 October 12 – 16 (Choose two (2) of the following activities)

1. Student activity: Divide the class into small groups. Have each group develop a list of do’s and don’ts for being a responsible person. Have them make oral reports to the class addressing the following questions: What happens when people live in accordance with these guidelines. What happens when they don’t. In what ways does irresponsible behavior affect our community and society? In what ways can/do young people demonstrate personal responsibility?
2. Student Activity: Have students search for the word “responsibility” on the Internet. Make a list of resources. Then create a Responsibility Resource Wall and allow for it to be displayed the entire month. You can also allow students to showcase their acts of being responsible by having sticky notes nearby for student’s to post to the wall
3. Role play: You’ve made a commitment to spend the weekend working on your part of a class project that’s due Monday. Then, some friends invite you to go to the movies on Friday night and a party and the football game on Saturday night. You can’t do both, so you decide to go to the movies, party and the football game. Try to explain your decision to the other people working on the class project. After the role play, have the class analyze what each person did to accomplish his/her objective. What general principles or guidelines can be drawn from this incident about responsibility?

Week 3 October 19 – 23

Activity #1
1. Show this video
2. Place students in small groups and assign each group one of the following topics: “School,” “Home,” “Work,” and “Sports or Other Extra-Curricular Activities.”
3. Ask students to make a list of responses to this question: for the topic given, “what are specific actions you can show to demonstrate responsibility?”
Allow 5 minutes to respond. Finally, have each group share their top three actions that demonstrate responsibility within the topic they were assigned.

Activity # 2

Have students respond to the following statement in written or verbal form indicating a time they were responsible. It is as follows:
Responsibility is when you feel like you are accountable (deserve credit or blame) for your decisions and actions and for the consequences or outcome of those decisions and actions.


Now that the beginning of school has come and gone, classes are leveling, students are beginning to get your routine and you are elated about the possibilities the future holds with the young minds sitting before you. To encourage positive behavior, the “Values Matter” campaign will proceed as a monthly initiative, beginning with RESPECT. The campaign will begin with a different value along with activities that will engage your students and challenge them to exhibit the highlighted value. You will receive activities in your mailbox or via email that you are asked to provide to students at some point during your lesson.

The value that should be exhibited for the remainder of September is RESPECT. Students need to understand the importance of respect. Respect should include showing regard for the worth and dignity of everyone. Students should learn to respect individual differences and the views of others. Respect should include showing regard for oneself, one’s school and the rules and expectations for behavior in the school and their community.

You can incorporate stimulating conversation into your lessons through the use of your bellringer or opening activity. It is our hope that the following steps will assist you in the implementation of the follow activity:

Step 1: Click Here to Download the discussion questions that you can use to engage student’s in dialog regarding RESPECT and their thoughts and/or concerns regarding it. A few questions have been highlighted as they may be simpler to introduce to your class; however, you may select any question that you feel most comfortable for your students.
Step 2: During the Bellringer/Opening activity, allow a minimum of 5 – 7 minutes for students to respond to your selected question in writing.
Step 3: At the conclusion of the 5 – 7 minutes, ask a few student’s to share-out with their peers to begin the dialog on RESPECT.
To conclude this month with RESPECT, a self evaluation on this value will be placed in your mailbox on Wednesday to distribute to students to complete. This is yet another activity that will get students to really reflect on the value of RESPECT.