College Summit

Welcome to the Miami Central Senior High School College Summit Page. We look forward to working with and preparing our students to achieve greatness in college academics.


Recognizing that the person most influential to a seventeen year-old is another seventeen year-old, College Summit helps select and train influential 12th graders who lead their peers to and through college. The teens chosen to become Peer Leaders are not necessarily the highest academic achievers in their schools, but they are influencers among their classmates. In the summer before their senior year, Peer Leaders attended an intensive workshop at Nova Southeastern University’s campus where they learn to understand their potential to be advocates for their futures, get a feel for campus life and master the nuts and bolts of getting into college. Peer Leaders return to their schools in the Fall, passionate about their mission and ready to create a culture of college-going throughout the school.


College Summit is provided to 11th and 12th grade students using curricula that helps students focus on planning for and financing their future after high school. The curriculum teaches students to be smart consumers in making an informed decision about their postsecondary education. The curriculum opens their eyes to career options. It uncovers the best educational pathways needed to achieve those options and explains how to finance the right college for them. College Admission’s Directors and Officers periodically provide in-class presentations as well as offer on-spot admission and scholarships. By senior year, the College Summit curriculum helps students track and achieve essential milestones, like selecting college, writing essays and submitting their college and financial aid applications.

Upcoming Activites

College Application Workshop
November 18th, 2015

Future Leaders of IT Scholarship
Deadline Dec. 1, 2015
$2,000 scholarship to a future information technology leader. Write an essay (1,000 word min.) on why you are pursuing a career in information engineering, management or a related academic discipline, and what you hope to accomplish in your career.

Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program
Deadline Dec. 17, 2015
20 scholar athletes will each receive $20,000 in college scholarship money for their excellence in school, on their sports team, and in their communities.

The Search Guide for Non-Academic Scholarships

Students who aren’t in the Honor Society can win scholarships, too. They simply need to find a scholarship that matches their needs and interests. Here are a few tips to help students apply for scholarships, no matter their academic standing.

Focus on What Makes Them Stand Out
More than grades are considered for some scholarships. Several also look at students’ character and what they have to offer.

Tips on how to find a scholarship for any student.

Many scholarships look at more than just grades. If students have shown exceptional community service or have overcome adversity, they might be eligible. Perhaps they’ve promoted vegetarianism, love music or can write a good essay. These and other qualities can be helpful as well.

There are many scholarships aimed at niche groups. Students just have to find the right niche. Tell them to consider everything from their activities, interests and expected major to their ethnicity and their family’s socioeconomic status.

It Pays to Research
While students often hear of scholarship opportunities through school counselors, they should also do some research on their own. With a little time invested, they’re likely to find more opportunities than expected.

How can they find these scholarships? The Internet is a powerful tool, but students must beware. There are websites offering to research scholarships or even guarantee a scholarship for a fee. No one should pay for scholarship information. Instead, advise students to use websites like:
MDC’s American Dream Scholarship

For those students interested in attending any of the seven (7) Miami Dade campus’s, a full list of free websites is also available on MDC’s scholarship web page.