Digital Media / Multimedia Design


Students who choose a career in Web Design Technology are trained in industry based web design software applications where they organize, plan, and develop web pages and websites. Digital Media Design Technology students use computers and mathematics to create realistic images and learn how to edit with graphics software.

Career Options

Commercial Artist, 3D Artist, Game Designer and Graphic Digital Designer, Computer Software Engineer, Desktop Publisher, Illustrator, Video Editing, Web Designer, Multimedia Artist, Animator, Production Artist, Digital Media Artist, Flash Designer, Visual Effects Artist, Interactive Designer.

Earn Upon Completion

When your student completes our program he or she will have access to earn the following:

Industry Certifications

Adobe Photoshop ACA, Adobe Dreamweaver ACA, Adobe Flash ACA, NAF Certificate of Completion.

Scholarship Programs

Florida Academic Scholars Award (FAS), Florida Medallion Scholars Award (FMS), Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award (CSV).