iDream, iDare, iDo. These three little words that are packed with hope and possibility are the mainstay of our philosophy at iPreparatory Academy (iPrep). iPrep is a Career and Leadership Academy that incorporates innovative teaching strategies in a technology-rich environment. Breaking with the traditional format and exploring new ways to engage students in order to achieve a unique balance of educational excellence and uninhibited learning. We have become synonymous with terms such as Flipped Classroom, blended learning, technology and internships. The iPrep model brings together all these elements, combines them with higher order learning strategies, and aligns curriculums to meet national education standards. All of this while creating pathways for future student success.


At iPrep, students learn in a setting that is more reminiscent of a café or their own homes, rather than a school. On any given day, students can be seen working on their school-issued MacBook laptop or engaged in analytic discussions with educators while sitting on a beanbag or sofa. Although the environment may seem relaxed, the curriculum at iPrep is one of the most rigorous around. All students at iPrep are enrolled in honors, Advanced Placement, or Dual Enrollment courses. Additionally, they participate in the Executive Internship Program during their Junior and Senior years, which provides them a glimpse into their future and helps to prepare them for the expectations of the “real world.”


Thanks to the combination of highly skilled professional educators, access to the latest technology, and career exploration opportunities, in a setting that is made to fit the teens of today, iPrep Academy has gained recognition nationally and internationally as the model of education for the future.


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