ID Policy

Effective Monday, September 17th 2018, we are officially a mandatory ID campus for all students and staff.  All students must have their ID visibly shown each day before entering a classroom.  All student IDs should have a photo that is not altered in any form or fashion.  Any students that cannot produce an appropriate  ID should not be allowed in class and should be sent to Mr. Ross in SCSI for processing.


Students without IDs will be given an option below:

I.                     Pay $2.00 for an additional ID (received in office)

II.                   Clean-up Detail in Cafeteria (After 1st or 2nd lunch)

III.                 Serve a 30 min. Detention after school (with Mr. White)


In the event of choosing II or III, students will receive a temporary pass from Mr. Ross (SCSI) to move throughout the building for the remainder of the day.  Acceptance in class will only be granted by that temporary pass if an ID cannot be visibly shown.


Students that become habitual offenders (3 in a nine week period) will be processed and they will encounter further disciplinary actions.


It is the responsibility of the entire Rocket staff to be consistent in exhibiting the seriousness of students having their ID badges daily.  Therefore, all staff must have their ID badges visibly displayed daily as well.

Thank you in advance for your on-going support and assistance.



ID Policy
ID Policy
ID Policy
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