Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami

For over 50 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami has been securing our future by matching at-risk kids with committed mentors who invest their perspective and time to awaken each child to new possibilities – making Miami a more incredible place for incredible kids to grow up.

-All students are interviewed and selectively chosen.

-Monthly site visits are opportunities for greater learning and corporate exposure!  Take advantage!

-Breakfast and Lunch are provided.



The site visits are scheduled monthly from OCTOBER through MAY and all selected students have been excused from classes to attend.

Please report to the designated location no later than 7:30am on the morning of the site visit.

FIELD TRIP FORMS must be signed by all teachers and parents.

 Your attendance will be taken by the Site Coordinator and given to the attendance office on your behalf.

Students not in attendance at two or more site visits will be removed from the attendance roster and replaced with another willing participant.

If unable to attend, please let Ms. Gibson Smith or Ms. Veargis know in advance if possible.



Hairstyles, clothing and jewelry should conform to the best business and professional standards.

Ladies, please refrain from wearing large earrings, and/or loose bracelets/bangles.

-Beards, mustaches and sideburns must be trimmed.

-Hair should be clean, combed and neatly trimmed or arranged.

-Personal hygiene and professional standards of good grooming must be followed.   At the discretion of the chaperone and coordinator, if grooming is not up to standards on the day of the visit, the student will not attend the scheduled site visit and will be sent back to class for the day.

-No denim, stretch pants, sandals, flip flops, hats, hoodies or headgear of any kind are allowed.





-School uniform shirt (Miami Central) and school uniform long slacks or skirt.

-Academy t-shirt neatly tucked in pants or skirt (no holes or stains on shirt)


 Univ of Miami, FSU, FIU, FMU, etc- NIKE, PINK, DIVA GIRL, ADDIDAS, etc.

-Flat shoes, closed-toe-and-heel shoes or sneakers are acceptable.

-Business Suit with dress shirt with tie and/or vest (CARNIVAL CORP)

-Dresses or coordinated skirts and blouses (CARNIVAL CORP)



At site location please adhere to the following:

-Always remain with your assigned mentor unless otherwise instructed. The locations are high security and your safety is our main concern.

-Listen carefully to all instructions given for directions on how to enter and exit building.

-Refrain from loud talking or gum chewing

-Remember that VALUES ALWAYS MATTER:   Use words such as “Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Please, Thank you, No, Yes, Ma’am, Sir” and always be grateful when something is given to you such as a gifts, compliments, food, etc.

-If unsure about a directive, please ask your chaperone or your assigned mentor.

CONCERNS with MENTORS or ANY OTHER SITE EMPLOYEE should be directed to the on-site chaperone.  Students should NEVER engage in disagreements or negative confrontations with each other, their chaperone, or a site employee.   THIS BEHAVIOR IS UNACCEPTABLE and does not represent Miami Central Senior High School’s standards of communication engagement.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami
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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami