Students in their junior year are required to participate in an internship experience. Internship program includes: Summer/Fall Internship, Executive Internship, and Career Experience Opportunity (CEO). Students may complete more than one program within the Academy of Information Technology Magnet Program providing there is available space in the student’s schedule. In addition, students can choose to enroll in Business and Entrepreneurship, Computer Art and Graphics, and Integrated Computer Systems classes to enhance their marketability.


Business Supervision and Management

Students who choose a career in Business Supervision and Management use problem-solving and administrative skills to perform a wide range of activities, including: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling a company’s activities.


Independent Business Owner, General Office, Executive Assistant Management, Clerk, Consultants Office Manager Customer Service, Assistant, Independent Business Owner, Advertising Marketing, and Human Financial Manager, Resources Managers.


Digital Media / Multimedia Design

Students who choose a career in Web Design Technology are trained in industry based web design software applications where they organize, plan, and develop web pages and websites. Digital Media Design Technology students use computers and mathematics to create realistic images and learn how to edit with graphics software.


Commercial Artist, 3D Artist, Game Designer and Graphic Digital Designer, Computer Software Engineer, Desktop Publisher, Illustrator, Video Editing, Web Designer, Multimedia Artist, Animator, Production Artist, Digital Media Artist, Flash Designer, Visual Effects Artist, Interactive Designer.


Microsoft Technology Associate

Students who choose a career in Network Systems provide support in software application, hardware configuration and troubleshooting, security and networking technologies, administration.


Network Support Technician, Independent Business Owner, Computer Support Specialists, Computer and Information Systems, Hardware Installation, Wireless Installation Computer Systems Analysts, Computer Hardware Engineer,Software Quality Assurance Specialist, Network Administrator Computer Programmer, Computer Software Engineer.


When your student completes our program he or she will have access to earn the following:



Adobe Photoshop ACA, NAF Certificate of Completion.



Florida Academic Scholars Award (FAS) , Florida Medallion Scholars Award (FMS), I and Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award (GSV).

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